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Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Dental offices have overhead, staff and rent to pay. Our direct to consumer approach allows us to pass on these savings to you.

Up to 70% More Affordable

The cheap over-the-counter guards are often an uncomfortable fit. Our in-house lab technicians professionally customize your guard to match your teeth as precisely as possible.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the product any some reason. Send us back the product within 6-months and we'll refund your money. 

Dental Office Quality Night Guards

We are dental professionals who have 10+ years of experience serving patients in the dental industry. Our nightguards are made from the same material and with the same care we provide to patients.

Custom Nightguard
Custom Nightguard

Custom Nightguard


Custom Nightguard

Our custom, made-to-order, durable custom nightguard is perfect for anyone with teeth grinding and clenching. Our night guards are made from a flexible, tough rubbery material that acts as shock absorbers for your teeth and helps your jaw relax. It is designed for maximum comfort and fit to help you relieve jaw tightness while you enjoy a good night sleep.

We have a professional dental lab team with a combined 15+ years of experience. With us, you are will have stand by our high-quality product. We guarantee a great fit. If there are issues, reach out and we'll adjust for you at no charge. 


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